Toronto has been quietly building some of the world’s most famous digital companies. Shopify, the ecommerce platform, is one example. The city’s ongoing maturity is paving the way for Canada’s financial center to usher in a new era of companies.

“As a relatively new city with a fast growing and diverse population, Toronto is becoming a hub of innovation in North America,” says North Space co-founder Noam Hazan. “With easy access to low-risk government financing; initiatives that can get you a coffee with the mayor; and a strong drive by the municipalities encouraging business, it’s no wonder that Toronto is an incredible ecosystem.”

Hazan believes that not enough Torontonians are taking advantage of the infrastructure that has been created around the city to foster new business development. “The issue is that the the general masses still don’t know how much help is actually available, and often how low risk starting a business is compared to 10 years ago. Once Torontonians become more informative, the traditional hesitations will slowly diminish and it could make way for a large scale paradigm shift from the 9-5 to a more innovative, free spirited and fulfilled city,” explains Hazan.

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