Commuting to work sucks, and according to this 2018 Global News article, it sucks the most in Toronto. But, you of course already knew that if you have ever tried to get downtown on a workday. Why not alleviate yourself of this stress and work uptown?

We believe that innovation and inspiration can occur anywhere, as long as a space is conducive to increase productivity and collaboration. That’s why our coworking spaces are located outside the downtown core. No more waiting for the bus – there is a subway station 5 minutes away from our Downsview location. No more waiting in traffic on the highway just to wait in traffic on a downtown street – our Gervais location is literally right of the exit of highway 401 and 400. You can get that “downtown” feeling without actually going downtown.

If time is money, stop wasting yours getting to work and just get to work.


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