It was an evening of excitement as Neil Grammer, Founder of Dialogue Strategies spoke to an audience of entrepreneurs and innovators, on how to better pitch their company’s value proposition. Through an interactive lecture Neil highlighted the key success factors to get potential investors intrigued in a business. Most of all, he explained how to confidently and succinctly pitch a business with poise and composure.

Neil explained that any business pitch needs to have a “so what”. He talked about explaining this in terms that are easy for stakeholders to understand. Participants learned the importance of a well structure pitch and were made aware of the importance of their delivery. Then as participants asked questions, Neil curated his answers to aid each person’s particular business.

As the wine and beer flowed people were captivated by Neil’s sound advice. While enjoying sushi and popcorn they were able to network and meet other like minded entrepreneurs all looking to improve their businesses. People walked away feeling confident that they could properly explain their businesses.

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