You have a ton of work to get through today, so you follow your usual routine and walk into your local starbucks. After spending $4.99 on a tiny coffee that you will sip on ever so slowly so you don’t feel bad about loitering, you turn around and look for a seat. But wait! All the seats are taken!

So you walk into your local library. Why is it so quiet? Eerily quiet – the kind of quiet that you can hear it’s so silent. You set that $4.99 coffee down on the desk and already receive a judgmental glare from the worker beside you.

So you go back home where the temptation of Netlfix is calling you. Your computer whispers in you ear, “Just one more episode”, seducing you before you realize that it has been 6 hours and the whole day is over.

Now, rewind and avoid all of that – come work for the day at Northspace. Here, you’ll get to surround yourself with a community of entrepreneurs while enjoying all of Northspace’s many amenities (including unlimited coffee) as well as a guaranteed desk. Northspace is a centre where you can get work done yet also have the constant subtle buz of energetic entrepreneurs diligently working beside you. We are dedicated to fostering growth and community. How about you ditch your usual routine and join us for the day?

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